To burn belly fat

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To burn belly fat

Millions of people today suffer from obesity. To burn belly fat is a major issue for many people who explore options for slimming. In today’s fast paced life people do not have time for themselves and in such a situation they start getting old before they get old or in their youth. Today we are going to look at a diet plan for busy people that will help you lose weight without going to the gym.

Maintaining fitness

To maintain fitness, it is important to follow a diet as much as you need to work out regularly and pay close attention to it. Corona is seen in many people nowadays becoming health conscious. In the lockdown caused by COVID where many people have gained weight and become obese, many people have also made themselves a fitness freak. Proper diet along with exercise is also very important for weight loss. Otherwise there are many people who sweat for hours in the gym but their body fat is not reduced.

On the other hand, if you follow a proper diet in your daily routine, you can keep yourself fit even without sweating in the gym. The reality is that many of us and you will not be able to make time for workouts after working all day in the office and that is why they are getting fatter day by day. But if we follow a regular healthy diet, we can change ourselves a lot. Today we are going to learn about Whole30 Diet Plan to reduce obesity by following which you can always keep yourself fit.

Whole30 diet plan

If you want to stay fit using a Whole 30 diet plan, you need to follow this diet for a whole month, not just 5 or 10 days. Melissa says that she doesn’t want to call Whole 30 a diet, because in order to reduce calories, you have to be hungry. But it is also very effective for healthy living and weight loss. When you follow this diet, you need to ban all foods in your diet that cause swelling or inflammation. Few key points of this plan are as follows :

  • This diet plan prohibits the consumption of sugar and all sugary foods
  • Cigarettes, alcohol or any kind of intoxicants are prohibited
  • Cannot consume any substance made from refined oil
  • Whole grains and pulses should also be avoided
  • Refined, junk food, street food and processed food should be avoided
  • You are also prohibited from measuring your weight unless you follow this diet plan completely

Use Pure Ghee instead of oil

Use ghee instead of oil in the diet. So even though all types of dairy products are banned in this diet plan, only ghee is allowed. You can add ghee to the greens. Also, use ghee sparingly in all the foods you make for yourself.

Make fruit juice at home

In these 30 days you can include fruit and fruit juice in your diet. But it is forbidden to use fruit juice in packets. Instead of canned or packaged juices, you should consume natural fruits and make fruit juice at home. Fruits and fruit juices contain a natural sweetener that does no harm to your health or even increases fat.

Eat greens instead of pulses and drink coconut milk

In this diet, tur dal, green dal, lentil dal and gram dal cannot be consumed. But one can eat greens like broccoli, green peas but also canned greens are forbidden. You can also include meat and fish. This diet prohibits the consumption of animal milk but you can consume coconut milk if you wish. Coconut contains amino acids which are essential for health and are useful in making proteins. Which can cause gas problems due to animal milk.

Eat black salt instead of plain salt

Salt is the most important part of your kitchen but you can’t have it in a Whole 30 diet. The reality is that common salt works to create swelling and information in the body. It contains a lot of sodium so you should consume saindhav salt or black salt during this period.

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