Process of losing extra body weight

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Process of losing extra body weight

We have often heard that people face a lot of difficulties in the process of losing extra body weight. But there are ways which guarantee a successful weight loss journey.

If you decide to do something sincerely, you can easily overcome many difficulties. There are example of people who were determined and had lost considerable weight in just six months. There were a lot of things that people were worried about during the lockdown. But there were some, who took the opportunity to take their fitness seriously.

How the weight loss journey starts ?

You might be physically healthy right from the birth. Most of the time as you get older, your body weight keep on increasing. Many a times, people ignore the increasing body weight in the initial stages. But after a while they realize it. Sometimes they get scared by the thought that the increasing body weight will be uncontrollable. They start fearing that other people would make fun of them for being obese. But if one is determined to follow strict guidelines of losing weight, they will certainly succeed.

Eating a nutritious diet

Eating a nutritious diet is essential for weight loss. As an example this can be one of the diet plan.

  • Breakfast – a glass of milk and spicy oats
  • Lunch – two beehives, vegetables, dal and curd
  • Dinner – chicken and vegetables or papaya
  • Pre Workout Mile – Soaked four almonds, a cup of black coffee
  • Post Workout – Modeled Green Pulses Salad
  • Low calorie food – oats and fruit lick
  • Cheat Day – Rajma, rice and even occasionally burgers and sandwiches. made from brown bread or whole wheat bread.

Your fitness secret can be home made fresh food. Another obvious option is to eliminate junk food completely. This certainly helps in weight control. Eating a completely nutritious diet helps to reduce the lethargy in the body which result in feeling more energized. In addition, you need to work hard to reach your goals. Keep trying, even if you were not able to maintain consistency initially.

Workout plan

Regular weight training and cardio exercises are a must to lose weight. It is advisable to rest completely for one day per week.

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